What is Reiki?  

Reiki is a centuries old, Japanese energy healing technique used for stress reduction, relaxation and to promote health and wellbeing. This hands-on healing balances your mind, body and energy to function more optimally.  You experience immense well being and peace.  This tranquil state of being gives your body the chance it needs to rest and promotes healing.


How does Reiki work? 

We are all made of energy. This energy nourishes and supports our every movement, whether through high vibration or low.  Body disruptions (pains, disease, etc…) may be related to disturbances or blockages that are found in our energy systems.  When vibrations are low, our energy flow is disrupted and may cause dis-ease which diminishes our capacity to achieve higher sensations or energies.  Reiki infuses us with positive energy and restores our natural flow of energy or “chi”.  A relaxed body raises our vibrations and reduces or eliminates lower vibrations that may create negative thoughts and actions.  Reiki heals our energy to a healthier flow, which in turn gives us the opportunity to attain a greater awareness in all that our energy is capable of creating or achieving.

How is a Reiki healing session given? 

The session can be done with the client either sitting in a chair or lying on a massage table.  The client always remains fully clothed, although they will be asked to remove their shoes.  The practitioner places her hands on or near different areas of the head, shoulders, stomach and feet.  Each hand position is held for several minutes, depending on the length of the session requested or the need deemed necessary for a particular area.  In accordance with the Code of Ethics the Reiki healer will not touch any sensitive or private areas of the body for any reason. Your Reiki Practitioner wants you to have the most relaxing and comfortable experience as possible.

What can I expect to feel after the Reiki session?  
There are many experiences one can have with a Reiki session.  Some clients find the sessions leave them with an overwhelming sense of calm and peace.  They are able to handle difficult situations in new ways that are less confrontational.  Others say they feel a tingling/hot sensation that energizes them. Many of my clients will drift off to sleep and some have expressed seeing visions or vibrant colors.  Still others have said that Reiki helps clear their minds and they find decisions easier to make, some even find their minds making the decisions for them during the session.  Overall, most clients walk away feeling refreshed with a renewed sense of balance in their life.

Is Reiki a religion?  

No.  Reiki is not a religion. Its precepts are founded on ancient Buddhist wisdom and as such Reiki is highly spiritual for the mind, body and soul.  However, no religious practices or beliefs are offered during the Reiki healing session.  There are no rituals or practices that would be counter to any belief system. If anything, one of Reiki's true values is helping the client find an inner peace that, through continuing education and Reiki, will lead them to rediscovering their true self.  Over the years we become conditioned to labels and we've tuned out what we inherently knew or felt about the universal life force energy.  Reiki helps us focus and rediscover what we've always known.  We are a powerful energy source. 

Can I use Reiki in place of medical care or physician assistance? 

No. Reiki is a non-harming technique that helps lessen anxiety and promotes emotional, spiritual and physical balance.  It's to be used as a complementary tool in finding ultimate success with your health and wellness program.  Never use Reiki alone for total healing.  To achieve your optimum health: mind/body/spirit, it may take Western medicine, good diet, meditation, exercise, etc...  Reiki is one of the best techniques to include in creating a plan that helps you reach your best self. 

Can you do Reiki on my pet? 

Yes, animals have a natural sense of earth's universal energies and respond well to sessions.  If you are receiving a Reiki session yourself, you might notice your pet moving closer to you or experiencing a calmer behavior after your session.  They soak up energy that is offered to them and benefit just as you do.  ​

Are there any side effects from Reiki? 

Most of my clients feel an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility after their session.  However, sometimes Reiki can be so calming that it can have a cleansing effect on the body and toxins may be released that need to be filtered out through the liver and kidneys.  This might bring on a headache or feelings of flu-like symptoms.  It's recommended that if this happens the client should drink plenty of water, eat lighter meals, and get more rest.  Follow-up Reiki sessions have been known to aid more quickly in the process of the body's cleansing.  However, it's important to listen to your body.  If you believe the symptoms you're experiencing require more immediate attention, please contact your physician.  Reiki should never be used in place of professional medical care.

“The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufacture them in their cores
 and exploded these enriched ingredients across our galaxy, billions of years ago.
For this reason, we are biologically connected to every other living thing in the world. 
We are chemically connected to all molecules on Earth. 
And we are atomically connected to all atoms in the universe. 
We are not figuratively but literally stardust.”  

 - Neil deGrasse Tyson - 

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