• Debi Fowler

Thoughts on Living the Reiki Precepts

Updated: Jan 19

Just for today: Be Honest in Your Work. I find it interesting that my returning after a long absence from this blog that the Reiki Precept for today is "Be Honest in Your Work." In returning, I had no idea what I intended to say in explanation for the absence. But I'll just be true and honest. I simply allowed fear to stop me.

Please believe that at no time did I lose my faith in Reiki. It's just that I know there's more to Reiki than what I can understand or explain. In not writing, maybe it was my ego trying to control things...that if I don't understand all aspects of something as universal as Reiki, perhaps I shouldn't be sharing blog posts about it. So, I hesitated one day and that led into hesitating another day...and now, three months later, I'm back, still not understanding Reiki but continuing my journey and sharing it with you.

I don't know all things Reiki. I can't even fathom them enough to give you a fantasy of what Reiki is. I do know that Reiki is a journey and I have not faltered from my earnestness in this journey. I'm still learning. Still struggling to understand the essence of not struggling...not wanting...not controlling...and instead to just BE.

So, Im back. My thoughts that I share with you are pure and my intention is not to mislead anyone in their understanding of Reiki. I love you all for staying with me on this journey. I hope as you learn more, it will become your journey too and perhaps together we'll enjoy small sparks of just Being Reiki.

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