• Debi Fowler

Thoughts on Living the Reiki Precepts

Updated: Jan 19

Just for today: Be humble

In today’s world of over achievers and rushing to be the best, or becoming the expert in your field, being #humble is rarely a characteristic that’s given much thought. Why is that? To some, being humble shows weakness. That's unfortunate, because the real beauty of being humble dims your ego and gives you much greater confidence. When thinking about being humble today consider some of its meanings and work one or two into your actions today.

Be #grateful - Consider being grateful to everyone you work or live with today. Let them know you’re happy they’re in your life. All things on this day are reasons for gratitude, you’re alive and well and able to think about being humble.

Be #honest – Being humble means asking questions if you don't have the answer. Eagerly reach out for help, knowing that everyday is a learning opportunity and confidently turn to colleagues, friends and family for help.

Be #tolerant – Be accepting of everyone no matter what you might consider differences. Make the day yours by living just today without judgment or criticism.

Be #calm – be less quick to go on the offensive today. Being humble doesn’t emphasize who is right or wrong. When less ego is involved in your day, your emotions will remain steady. You're seeking a #balance in your relationships today.

" Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less." -C. S. Lewis

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