• Debi Fowler

Thoughts on Living the Reiki Precepts

Updated: Jan 19

Begin today. The past five days have provided an introduction into the #Reiki Precepts. These are principles that Mikao Usui created to help those looking to rediscover their true selves. He believed that by meditating, or through contemplation on these principles, and by practicing them each day, we would expand in our spiritual development.

The precepts were intended for the Reiki practitioner and we are encouraged to pass them on to our family, friends and clients. If we all practice the precepts we could become a stronger, kinder and more spiritually aware world.

It's my hope you'll continue with me in the next year as I use the Reiki Precepts in my daily life. Perhaps some of my insights might encourage you to begin "just for today" with a Reiki Precept.

"Be willing to be a beginner every single morning." Meister Eckhart

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