• Debi Fowler

Thoughts on Living the Reiki Precepts

Updated: Jan 19

Just for today: Be Honest in Your Work

One of the reasons I became passionate about #Reiki is due in part to #Mikao Usui's #Precepts. The Precepts are to be used as a guide to help us rediscover our true selves. As we strive for this discovery, the precepts help us in our daily practice of meditation.

"Work" in this precept can mean the work we do to attain higher levels of enlightenment. The meditation process is not easy. Many times I believe Usui Sensei included "Do Not Anger" and "Do Not Worry" in the precepts because of the emotions we feel when we first begin the practice (or work) of mediation.

However, if we practice #meditation (every day), understanding that #patience is (it's a journey) and #persistence (being committed to following through no matter what) are necessary, we will surely achieve the ultimate perfection we seek.

"Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired." Martha Graham


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