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Rock on...

The delay in my blog posts has been a journey within a journey. Here’s a quick synopsis of what happened and the outcome that has led to this post.

In October of 2019 I ended up in the hospital for 3 days and spent a couple of months recuperating. When I went to the emergency room I had dangerously high fever and it felt as though something was eating me up inside. Eventually, they discovered that I had sepsis and E-coli was running rampant throughout my body. At one point the attending physician asked if I had a Living Will in place. It was a difficult time for me and my family.

I mention this because after the hospitalization I felt an unbelievable emptiness…a sense that I had been hollowed out. Continuing with my blog, at that time, became more of an effort than a freeing and enjoyable expression of Reiki. Something was changing.

[On a side note: I find it particularly interesting that the day before my fever started, I had finished a multi-day project which culminated in a space healing at a client’s home. It was only after I returned from the hospital that I reflected on this space healing. The aftermath of my illness felt as though I had performed my own spiritual, sacred healing…purging myself of toxicities and leaving me a renewed, albeit very confused, vessel.]

I came to realize that although I found solace in meditating on the Reiki Precepts, I had taken too much of a single-minded focus on the practice. This self-imposed, strict regimen had weakened my spiritual development by limiting my view.

Knowing that Reiki is in all of us, I wanted to become immersed in the knowing and living sacredly. To become one, not just within myself and the universal life force, but to be one with all things that make up this universal life force. Perhaps it’s just semantics, or maybe I’m a slow learner…in any event my investigations led me to Shamanism.

Shamanic Reiki is a practice shared by many. However, as with any modality you will find those practitioners who are in agreement, disagreement, or ambivalent agreement with merging Shamanism and Reiki. Both healing modalities work with energetic life forces to empower and heal. The value of merging the two is Shamanism involves all the elements and all things, while working directly with spirit. Additionally, the way of the Shaman allows the client to play a more active role in their own healing experience.

When I began the blog it was a way to share my journey, while highlighting the Reiki Precepts. Today, my journey rocks on…holding the precepts dear while connecting with those intrinsic energies we’ve become unfamiliar with, discovering the ordinary and non-ordinary worlds of spirit, and engaging more fully with all things.

I won't promise daily, weekly, or monthly posts. I will promise that as my journey expands I'll share my experiences with you.

I sincerely hope you will continue to follow me in this journey of discovery, and together we’ll learn new ways of being and understanding.

Hand to heart,


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