Reiki is spiritual energy. One aspect of Reiki is its hands-on technique that creates a more balanced and restorative flow of your body's energy.  It's this ultimate relaxation that has been shown to improve health, increase mental well-being, speed healing, and develop a stronger spiritual connection.    ​​

Reiki is a complex modality.  There are many elements of this healing art other than simply the hands-on component.  Reiki also offers a way to rediscover your true self.  It's this path to spiritual enlightenment that I believe is Reiki's ultimate gift.  It empowers us to reawaken our authentic self, our original light.  As we commit to this journey of rediscovery, we begin to live with more compassion and find freedom from intolerance and fear.  I share this spirit of Reiki with my clients in the event that they might now, or in the future, be open to new opportunities to advance their own spiritual development.  Click here for recommended reading.

Reiki is meant to be used as a complementary technique to help improve your mind, body and spirit.  It is never used to take the place of your physician and his/her advice, guidance, prescriptions, or plan.​ Please feel free to share your Reiki experience with your doctor.  Many physicians today are aware of its benefits, as more hospitals are offering this healing modality as an additional service for their patients.

Cost of In-person Reiki

$45 for 30 minute session (set aside 45 minutes for this session)

$85 for 60 minute session (set aside an hour and 15 minutes for this session)

See policy regarding cancellations and arriving late below.

By appointment only


Mobile Reiki

Sometimes, we're called to attend to someone who is unable to physically travel.  In those cases, we look forward to visiting them.  There is no additional charge for home visits in Anchorage.  We work with hospice organizations and non-profits to provide the benefits of Reiki in the home or at a healthcare facility. 


Hands-on healing in these situations lead to deep relaxation and a sense of profound peace.  As more hospitals are proving, having Reiki before and after a procedure enhances the body's healing ability and may reduce the amount of medications needed or the length of recovery time.  In hospice environments, Reiki has been proven to lessen the sense of worry or fear.  Sessions can be of benefit to both patient and their caregivers.

Call us today if you or a loved one would like us to visit. 

Cost of Mobile Services

$45 for 30 minute session (set aside 45 minutes for this session)

$85 for 60 minute session (set aside an hour and 15 minutes for this session)

See policy regarding cancellations and arriving late below.

Distant Reiki

The power of Reiki is that it can help anyone, anywhere.  Those of you just discovering Reiki are surprised to hear that Reiki can be performed even across great distances.  Ancient philosophies believed that we celebrate a spiritual oneness with all things.  Despite years of Western ideas and conditioning, science is proving our ancestors correct.  Everything is energy and energy travels through space and time.  


Opening your heart to Reiki helps you embrace all of its benefits, including spiritual awakenings and growth.  Distant Reiki holds all the value of in-person sessions. 

What to expect?  After contacting me for the session, we'll schedule a day and time convenient for you to set aside 30 or 60 minutes.  There's no need for Skype or apps.  For the Reiki session I ask that you get comfortable at our designated time, whether lying down or sitting, in an area where you will be uninterrupted.  All cell phones should be muted (and best if left in another room). Prior to the appointment we will have discussed intentions for the session.  At that time I will also give you a video to connect to for the preferred Reiki music during the session.   

To receive all that Reiki offers, one needs only an accepting heart and open mind.  Your experience will be unique to you.   As with all Reiki energy, it focuses on areas that provide the greatest and highest good to the receiver.  By appointment only.  


 Cost of Service:
$45 - 30 minute session  

$85 - 60 minute session 

Cancellations:  As a professional courtesy, I ask that you give me a minimum of 24 hours notice to prevent a full charge for the session.


Policy for lateness:  If you are late for your appointment, your session time will be shortened by the amount of time that you are late.  


Call or text for appointment:     907-350-0664

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