Space Healing

What is space healing?

Typical space clearing is a process that revitalizes your space by removing stagnant negative energy.  Through my studies on energy healing I've created a more holistic approach to space clearing that I call Space Healing (I did not create this phrase).  This approach not only rids your tangible space of poor energy, but releases a freedom within yourself that further heals your mind, spirit and body.  My space healing technique includes symbols, intentions, ceremony, and a sacred renewal of gratitude for your home, your purpose, and your dreams. 

Negative waves of emotional energy can be imprinted into every corner and niche of your home or office.  If you're hesitant to believe this, consider a time when you've touched an object, or entered a room, and had an uneasy feeling.  This uneasiness is residual energy from past emotions and activity.  An object might have been owned by someone who had intense loathing for self or others.  A space could hold negative energy from past arguments or hostile emotions.  Any energy, whether yours or from past occupants/things, leaves an impression on your space and can affect your present quality of life.   ​​My space healing services not only frees your physical space of negative or emotional energies, it revitalizes your perspective on life and brings clarity to unrealized goals and dreams.  It truly encompasses mind, body, spirit and space for optimum energy.

When should you have a space healing?

  • When you do your own annual spring cleaning

  • Anytime you've moved to a new place/space

  • If you plan to sell your space or if your home/office is not selling

  • Before/after new construction or renovation

  • At the beginning of a time of renewal: new goals, new hopes/dreams, new year, new job, new baby coming home

  • After an illness

  • After any trauma: emotional argument, loss of job, break-up, death, etc...

  • Summer Solstice or Winter Equinox

  • Different phases of the moon

  • New Year!

Additional services provided:


  • Identifying better energy flow of home decor: furnishings, art, objects etc...

  • Clutter plan of action: room by room or full house

Cost of Service:

$150 - 1 hour (minimum 2 hours)

$75 deposit (non-refundable)

In the event of cancellation I require 24 hours notice.  

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