Tarot Reading

It may seem strange to see tarot offerings in a Reiki practice.  However, I think they complement each other well.  Reiki is a universal life force energy that brings a peaceful mind and a focus to help us rediscover our true selves.  The intuitive practice of tarot  provides awareness to past/present/future events that may be preventing us from developing our higher self.

Tarot cards offer a unique way to reflect on what's happening in our life, including our current goals, past experiences, and future desires. It brings clarity and wisdom to situations and solutions.  Many people are surprised to learn that tarot cards have become accepted in the practice of psychology.  It's an empowering tool that provides a safe platform for open conversation of expectations, loss, grief, hope and desire.  By understanding the tarot cards we learn that we create our own world - that our thoughts bring about our present life.  In this journey we learn that we have the power to direct our energies to those aspects of our lives we find most important.  Tarot helps us recognize what we already know....that we have the power to affect real change in our life. 

It is said that where your attention goes, so goes your energy.  The tarot cards are a great tool for focusing, clarifying and directing that energy to our ultimate purpose. 

Currently offering FREE 3 card spread reading.  Contact us now for your reading.  

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